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Unfortunately we have decided to cancel our hive hosting program. we did have quite a bit of interest however, we have decided to keep our bees at our yard so that we can better manage them.

Have you always dreamed about beekeeping or just having a beehive  but have had reservations due to time constraints or maybe you live in the city, own  a country home and believe its not possible? well beekeeping is a possibility with our hive hosting program. 

Through our program we take care of every aspect, from hive delivery, set-up, care and honey extraction.

Whether you live in the country, city small town or have an organic garden and you care about the welfare of our pollinators this program is ideal for you.

How it works; Contact us by phone or email, we will schedule an appointment for a property assessment. If the assessment is favorable then we will set up a time and day (weather permitting)to deliver and set-up the hive. we will register your property with OMAFRA as required under the bee act and take care of any and all inspections. As the season progresses we will visit your property a minimum of once per week until the nectar flow, then once every other week to monitor the bees and honey production.

The cost for this program is $500.00 + HST, Per Hive ( Minimum of 2 hives, Mid May to Mid September) you keep 25% of the honey from the hives on your property. A 25% non refundable deposit will be required upon booking.

Some of the pre requisites for hosting a hive or hives are;

  • A minimum of 5 acres of property ( less is ok if you are surrounded by forest or open fields
  • A minimum of 2 hives per property.
  • you will not use any pesticides, herbicides or chemicals of any kind
  • Pollinator friendly plants are recommended or undisturbed fields of natural wildflower/weeds 
  • We do prefer our hives to be as far away from commercial agriculture as possible however, that is not always possible and we will assess each property for this.
  • Clear access to place hives and remove at the end of the season using a pick-up truck. 
  • Must be located within 30 Km of Ravenna Ont. 
  • Must be a minimum of 3KM from any known apiaries

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Timberwind farm benefit from the hive hosting program? Yes! we get to meet new interesting people every year. as far as profit goes, it is very minimal. our main yards have many hives making it more feasible to take care of at once. Travelling between our rental yards is time consuming and actually more labour intensive. 
  • Why do you offer Hive hosting?  we offer this program as a way for you to enjoy the benefits of beekeeping without the commitment of maintaining the hives yourself, we take care of every aspect and all the costs involved, which at times can amount to more than the hive rental but those are the risks that WE take. Colony loss is always a big worry, bees can swarm, abscond(leave the hive completely) they can be overwhelmed by varroa mites (which require treatment at least 3 times per season) Bears love honey and bee larvae! There is a long list of other disease and pests which can decimate a hive in a short time so we always need to fully inspect each hive and be proactive in preventing these things. It's not just about dropping off the hive and leaving them to do their thing until fall, if we did there is a 90 percent chance that the hive will be empty when we return.
  • So what is included in the price? (you host)Delivery and set-up, travel time between rentals, treatments for mites and other pests(organic) Time spent educating renters as they typically want to know all about beekeeping. Honey extraction, filtering, bottling(plus the cost of bottles), time spent registering your property with omafra which is a requirement under the Bee Act.
  • How much honey does a hive produce in a season? This depends a lot on the weather, early spring with warm temps throughout and into the summer with just enough rain to keep the nectar flowing can allow a colony to produce up to 120 pounds of honey(some have produced more for us). Hive placement is also crucial, hive health(especially queen health) is also a big factor. Poor weather has the opposite effect and your hive may only produce 60 pounds or even less.

Bee Facts

If bees earned minimum wage, a jar of honey would cost $182,000

One worker bee produces only 1/12 (one twelfth) of a teaspoon of honey in its lifespan.

Honeybees communicate with each other by dancing 

Keep it natural

Keep it natural, plant as many native species of wild flower as possible, limited to the space you have. At all cost, avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides, try leaving the dandelions alone until they are finished blooming, they are one the first foods for the bees. 

Birdbaths aren't only for the birds, bees love to get a drink on hot summer days. 

From The Hive​

We have many various size jars of honey available including Comb Honey. Our honey is 100% natural, raw and unpasteurized. You may ask if our honey is Organic?, this is a tough one! we do our best to place our hives in an area with little to no conventional farming. we cannot control where the bees fly nor can we control who uses chemicals on their plants or crops, therefore it is almost impossible to find true organic Honey. We are always looking for natural spaces far from commercial farms to place our hives. If you have space and would like to host a hive or two, please contact us to discuss options.

Pollination Services

Do you have an orchard, vineyard or an organic farm? 

Why not let our bees do the pollinating. for a minimal cost we will drop off the hives In the spring and gather them up in the fall. we take care of every aspect to ensure our bees are healthy and well taken care of, you will also receive a percentage of honey after harvest. 

Do your part to save the bees

Private Beekeeping workshops !

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