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Our Beekeeping supplies are very competitively priced so as, that if you find something at one of our major competitors of the same make and or quality, at regular retail price we will match that price and or beat it by 5% 


Depending on your CSA package and membership duration, dues can be paid up front, in full (10%discount if paid in full), or paid quarterly.

We accept; Cheques, Cash, e-transfer, credit and debit. 

Baskets will be scheduled for pick-up on Thursdays and Fridays at a specified location or Saturday mornings at the Creemore Farmers market.


Jars, These are our most popular sizes however we can get any size you require within a day.

750 ml

375 ml

250 ml




Wooden ware, brood boxes, supers, frames, foundations, etc. !!

Click on pdf link for price list

Retail store location & Hours

Due to the recent COVID 19 pandemic our retail store will not be open to the public However, we will be taking phone or e-mail orders. Payments can be made by e-transfer or credit card and we can arrange for pickup at the door or delivery at no extra charge if within 40km as the bee flies.

We also have Honey and Maple syrup in stock. Check our meat prices on the "for the freezer" page