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It's not all about the eggs, it's about the experience! A large number of our rentals go out to the city where most children and even some adults never get a chance to experience having chickens or let alone know where and how eggs are produced. 

This is most definitely a learning experience for all or a return to their roots growing up on a a farm. All of the feedback we receive is positive, customers with children have been amazed at how little time they are spending on technology and how much time they spend with the hens, some hens are even coming back trained as pets!!

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Assuming you are part of the growing number of townships and small cities in Ontario that are allowing backyard chickens then this is your opportunity to

"Rent a Chicken"

Without the hassle or worry of keeping chickens over the winter. We have a few options available that will more than likely suit your needs or at least spark your interest.

A majority of municipalities are allowing up to 3 chickens and if you have a rural property without any restrictions then we can accommodate that too. Our chickens will provide you with the best free range eggs that you could possibly ask for. We have a variety of different breeds which are listed below and next year our blue and olive egg layers will be of age and available to rent.

The chickens picture above from left to right or top to bottom if you are browsing on mobile, are the Red sex link, the barred Plymouth rock and the Columbian rock. these birds are all very productive and will give you on average an egg a day for the 5 month rental period. All three breeds produce brown eggs.

Most of our chicken tractors are like the one shown at the top of the page, they are 5 feet x 5 feet and approximately 42 inches high. large enough for 4 chickens to move around comfortably. These do come in smaller sizes and also larger depending on the quantity of birds you would like. they are light weight and easy to move around.


We do our best to offer different breeds of productive laying hens however, the popular breeds are usually the first to go. you will be guaranteed to get either the white Leghorn or The ISA Brown, both which are the best producers.


Please note that the health and welfare of our hens is of the utmost importance and delivery dates may change with little notice due to inclement weather


We service most parts of central Ontario and parts of southern Ontario, don't hesitate to ask! we may be able to accommodate you!

Standard rental package 

  • Six month rental, May to mid - end of Oct depending on weather.
  • Delivery, setup and pick-up(delivery charge may apply depending on location as we service all of central ontario)

  • 2 Laying hens

  • 1 Standard mobile chicken tractor, 4x5, with evening base. Tractor is predator proof.

  • Feeder and water fountain

  • 50 kg ​of  organic non GMO chicken feed

  • Copy of "The joy of keeping chickens" or downloadable version.

  • Rental package starts at $550.00  Plus HST. 

  • $ 750.00 To purchase the complete package which includes everything listed above.(If you are renting and dont want to part with your new feathered friends just pay the remainder at the end of the term if you wish to keep the package.)


What can I add to the package?
  • Extra chickens, depending on by-laws $16.00/chicken
  • Extra Organic non GMO feed $29.95/bag
  • Meal worms, chickens love these as snacks! 8 oz. bag, $18.00
  • Dust bath bin for you to add dirt for the hens to clean themselves, recommended if you are not planning to let them out! $20.00
Contact us to discuss pricing for larger tractors. Purchase option is also available at the end of the rental term in the event that you may not want to part with your feathery friends.

What our customers are saying

 Your rent-a chicken program was amazingly helpful, and I only have good things to say. The chicken rental was a perfect choice for us, knowing that the chickens were ours but having the freedom of being able to consider wether this is what we wanted was a truly magnificent idea. Thanks so much! 

Gigi Wortley

Mulmur Ont.


What our customers are saying

 Last year our family was considering getting a dog, somehow we settled on chickens. Knowing next to nothing about chickens, we met Dave Veenstra at the Creemore farmers market. He offered a Rent A chicken service, he provides both the chickens and the mobile handcrafted cedar chicken coop. He made the whole process very simple and guided us through all the dumb questions we asked about what chickens need to survive, how to protect them from predators and general maintenance. He also provided us with organic feed and delivered it to our door. If there was ever an issue or question, Dave was always available to respond. Typically the chicken rental program runs from the end of May(when they are delivered)to early November when both chickens and coop are picked up and over-wintered on Dave's farm. However as we co-existed with our now named chickens, we wondered if we could buy out our rental and keep the chickens along with the coop. That is what we did, after a full year we are thankful that we met Dave and his chickens - and even more thankful for our daily eggs, if you are on the fence about whether or not to give backyard chickens a try, don't hesitate to contact Dave, you wont be disappointed.

Steve Sopinka

Creemore Ontario


What our customers are saying

As Canadian family with 2 daughters (age 10, 7) living in the UK, we had travel plans to Toronto for a family wedding just as COVID lockdown started. We are fortunate to have a cottage in Honey Harbour which proved to be our safe haven as we rode out the pandemic.

During peak lockdown, the idea of renting chickens came as a unique way to change the channel to anything non-COVID. I can across Timberwind Farms after a simple Google search and we were able to have the chickens delivered to our doorstep (along w their coop, 2 bags of feed and a book about raising chickens). These chickens became more than a new conversation topic. They were our COVID therapy. They provided us with adventures as trying to catch a chicken is no easy task. And stories to tell that I'm sure will be repeated for years to come.

Dave was easy to work with. Always available by email and quick to respond. Whether when it was when we had our first escapee that we scared under our neighbour's cottage (Dave shared his prolific wisdom to keep an eye out as chickens like to come home to roost, which she did). Or after a fox dug a hole under the hen house. Dave turned around with with a solution to safeguard the chickens and 4 new hens to replace the ones we lost at no cost.

The chickens were a joy to host. They became a local attraction to our cottage country town. Once lockdown restrictions eased in the summer, we sold eggs like a lemonade stand and raised over $1000 for our local food bank and BLM. The chickens changed our conversation and kept it going. Highly recommend this experience with Timberwind Farms. 

Lindsay Fleming

Honey Harbour Ont.



What our customers are saying

We rented 2 chickens this summer (2020) from Timberwind Farms and it was a fantastic experience. They were super easy to care for, not smelly and so entertaining. It only took a few days and the hens warmed right up to us. They were friendly, entertaining and loving companions plus they gave us great eggs everyday. An incredible experience that taught something to the whole family. Such a rewarding experience. Thank you Timberwind Farms.

Patti Maxim

Kearney Ont.


What our customers are saying

“When the pandemic hit, we decided to get chickens. We found Dave online and loved the idea of a chicken rental. He provided everything that we needed! The coop was high quality, our eight chickens were very comfortable, and although there was evidence of predators trying to get in, none were successful.

Dave was always available for any questions we had or the supplies we needed. He even switched two of our hens from white to brown at our children's request.

The chickens were lots of fun, and having fresh eggs was terrific. We were sad to say goodbye when we moved back to the city.

We would recommend Dave/Timberwind Farm and the chickens to anyone.

Holly Coll-Black

Mulmur & Toronto”