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Hatch a chick or duck 

Wouldn't it be cool to hatch a small batch of chicks or Ducklings in your own home without having to worry about what to do with them when you are done?

Now you can with our hatch a chick or hatch a duck rental program

This is a Minimum 5 week program where we supply everything you need to experience this process.

What do I get?

  • Minimum five week rental.
  • Delivery, setup, pickup (delivery and pickup fees may be applied depending on location) 
  • Incubator with auto turner.
  • 12 fertile eggs of mixed chicken  breeds. or 12 fertile khaki Campbell duck eggs.
  • Candling light to check the progress of the incubation.
  • Brood box for when the chicks leave the incubator.
  • wood shavings for bedding.
  • heat source, brood lamp or mat.
  • Guide on caring for eggs while incubating and after hatch care.
  • Starter feed, water dish and feed dish.
  • Total cost for the program is $275.00 + HST plus a $100.00 refundable damage deposit which will be returned on pick up once confirmed that no intentional damage has occurred to equipment.

What happens when they leave us?

When we pick up the chicks/ducklings they will come back to our farm where we will use them as replacement layers (these ducks are also layers) or they will be sold to backyard chicken/duck enthusiasts, hobby farmers or small flock farmers. They are only sold to those who we know will take proper care of them.

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